Everyone heard something abut roulette. You can see it in films, in games. It is also a symbol of casino. Today you don’t have to go anywhere to play this amazing game. Roulette for money is available for anyone online. It is easy to start to play on low limit tables on All Slots Casino and you will find a lot of information on how to do it in the best way online. The aim of the player is to guess the number, a range of numbers or colour of the number on which the ball will stop.

What you should know is that this game has many variations especially if it is online roulette for real money. Also you can find a video roulette that is held in live regime so gives you feeling of real game and makes it more exciting. A real croupier turns the roulette when you ask and share you joy of winning. Roulette games attract not only gamblers but also mathematicians, physicists and other scientists. Many people tried to create systems that will allow a player to win all the time or win more times than lose. Some of these systems need calculating of played games and stakes other systems demand strict observance of stakes on particular fields. But ideal system is still not found so try different kinds and find ideal roulette system for you.

Online roulette for real money is available in many online casinos and everything you should do to start your game is to find good roulette sites and have some money to stake. Staying at home you will feel more comfortable than in real casino so play this game online. But you should remember one important thing – roulette should bring you excitement and not disappointment so don’t think that this game will help you to become a millionaire.

Many roulette systems are based on the increasing of your stake when you lose. That will allow you to win money you lost plus the same amount of money as an additional winning. There is one disadvantage of such system when you have limits of stakes from 10$ to 1000$, for example, you can double your stake only 7 times but there can be red more that 7 times so you will lose all your money.

Everyone knows that roulette is a simple mechanical device but it attracts every day many players. When you play roulette you can stake on particular number and in this case your chances to win are 1:37 as there are 36 segments with red and black numbers and one green sector with 0. Zero was created to increase chances of casino to win. If a player stakes on zero and win he receives the money he stoke plus a sum that is 35 times bigger than his stake was but if he loses all money goes to casino.

One more kind of stakes is black or red. The chance of winning is 48.6% and a player can get his stake back plus sum of money equal to his stake. The only chance to win more money than you lose is to have more money than casino and if you are not sure of your abilities it is better to stop playing in time not to lose all your money.